Kambompo River Bible Conference Centre


Kabompo River Bible Conference Centre was begun in 1982, when a large plot of land next to the Kabompo River was granted by the chief, to be a place to conduct camps with young people from the many schools in the district, in order to reach them with the gospel of the Lord Jesus. It was further developed as a place to hold teaching conferences to build up assemblies of believers in the Word of God.

There are six camps held each year, two for girls, three for boys, and then one camp for college and university aged young men and women. Counselors volunteer to come from assemblies in the area, and senior Zambian counselors provide leadership at the camps. It is a privilege to work together with them in this very fruitful work among the youth.

Conferences held here are also well attended and provide opportunities for building up the assemblies in the area. There are seven teaching sessions scheduled for each year, seeking to meet a variety of needs. Two sessions are for general Bible study, one for Sunday School teachers, and another for gospel outreach work, and then one for elders. All of these are conducted at the conference centre, and then there are the two conferences for marriage and the home, held at various assemblies in the district or a rotational basis.

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Supporting Worker(s):
Paul & Eunice Poidevin