Rock for All Ages (Zimbabwe)


RFAA is a ministry that runs multiple programs in Zimbabwe.

The first is Foundations for Farming, which trains farmers proven conservation agriculture methods that incorporate biblical scriptures which help to bringing the gospel to their communities.
After six years (6) years the project continues to be a success with approximately 300 participants, even though the farmers have had to endure a number of severe droughts. Thanks to the support from farmers in Saskatchewan, the necessary inputs for new crops were made available. A good number of bible study groups with strong leadership have been established. Bibles having been and are still being distributed to assist these groups and other members of communities. An experienced staff member from the FfF HQ had up until recently been sponsored to visit the farmers on a regular basis to conduct monitoring and evaluation. Presently a pastor is being sponsored to visit these communities on a regular basis to continue the biblical aspects of the ministry to give support, encouragement and new learning material to help spread the gospel.

The second is the Chibuwe Youth Center, established to meet the strong need for local youth to have the opportunity to learn skills unavailable at the very inadequate local schools. There are 4 Elementary schools and 3 Secondary schools in the area totalling about 5000 students. An abandoned warehouse in Chibuwe acts as the Youth Center and a full-time teacher is employed to oversee the numerous different programs. These include a basic computer programs such as typing, drawing, Math and English. A library is available for reading and borrowing books. Numerous board games, table tennis and darts are played. Sports programs including soccer, volleyball, and netball.

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Supporting Worker(s):
Steve & Francine Lilford