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Sakeji School is a Christian primary boarding school situated near Ikelenge in the remote tip of Zambia on a small finger of land between Angola and Congo. It is 70 kilometres north of Mwinilunga.

The school takes its name from the Sakeji River, a tributary of the Zambezi River, which is itself not far from the school on the Zambia-Congo watershed at an altitude of approximately 1400M. At this altitude the climate is pleasant, with warm days and cool evening temperatures, especially during the dry season months of June and July. The average annual rainfall is 1400 mm, almost all of which falls between October and April.

The school site overlooks the Sakeji River, which provides both hydro-electric power for the school and a pleasant recreational environment for the children. Despite its remote location, Sakeji is able to provide modern boarding amenities and educational facilities.

The aim of the school is to educate, train, and care for the students in ways which honour God and follow Christian patterns of learning and living. We work diligently to the goal of students learning about God and establishing a personal relationship with Him by faith. We strive to make education a positive experience so that our students will know the joy of learning and living in God’s world, praying that they will take their place in the community as caring, confident, and responsible citizens.

Sakeji can accommodate up to 100 students, but current enrolment is around 80, representing various nationalities. All of these are boarders between the ages of 6 and 16. The school year is divided into 3 terms of 10 to 12 weeks each with approximately 4 to 5 weeks in between. The staff usually includes 14 missionary teachers and caregivers from Europe and North America, who minister to the educational, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of the children. Other support staff are employed locally by the school to assist with maintenance, catering, laundry and other domestic duties.

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