Zimbabwe Assistance Program (ZAP)


ZAP, Zimbabwe Assistance Program, partners with numerous ministries managed by national believers. These believers are already serving the Lord because they believe God has called them to the work. So whether or not ZAP helps, the nationals would be serving in this way doing their best with the little they have. ZAP expects the nationals to do everything they are capable of doing and then comes alongside to help with the needs that are beyond the national’s resources.

Some of the ministries that ZAP currently partners with are:

Perekedza Orphans Club
Caring for well over 75 children who have lost both parents to AIDS.

Emmaus Correspondence School
Serving mostly inmates in numerous prisons as well as some home Bible Study Groups.

Feeding Pediatric AIDS patients
Between 35 and 120 children are fed 3 or 4 mornings a week at the 2 largest pediatric AIDS clinics in Harare

Elderly Destitute
Caring for elderly people who have no income and no family to care for them.

Children’s Junior Club
Teaching from the Bible and showing the love of God to children from the neighbourhood around Bethany Bible Chapel in Harare.

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