Depending on the type of mission work and the term of service, MSC Canada strongly recommends that mission workers prepare themselves for the mission field by receiving quality training. Here are some recommended training options:

MOP Logo

Missionary Orientation Program (MOP)
Jointly run by MSC and CMML (US).
Held first week of June annually at Greenwood Hills Bible Conference in Fayetteville, PA, USA.

MOP helps to prepare those considering the mission field, or recently commended to missionary service overseas, to be effective once they arrive on the field.

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emmaus bible college logo

Emmaus Bible College
Located in Dubuque, Iowa.

Emmaus is an accredited, bachelor’s degree-granting institution of higher learning. Their students come from across the US and from a dozen other countries. Students choose Emmaus because they can study the Bible and train for their professions at the same time. Emmaus teach the Bible with an emphasis on New Testament principles. The faculty is committed to not only educating students, but also developing personal, mentoring relationships with them. It is common for faculty to open their homes to students, as well as serve shoulder-to-shoulder with them in a local church. Though the faculty demonstrates scholarship, they are just as committed to training students within the context of a Christian community that offers maximum opportunity for spiritual growth and experience in hands-on Christian service. Emmaus students learn how to minister in the real world to real people with real needs.

first serve logo

First Serve
Located in Scotland

FirstServe is a unique discipleship and missions programme, primarily for 18-25 year-olds on a gap year, or those with a shorter time available. The FirstServe placements and discipleship programme provide opportunities for serving God and being challenged in your personal and spiritual growth. Our priority is to help you have a meaningful, life-changing missions’ experience.

Mission PREP Logo

Located in Toronto

MissionPREP offers two courses in particular that will be of interest to potential or commended mission workers: IMPACT (Spiritual, personal, interpersonal and cultural aspects of the missionary experience) and PLANTS (Principles of Language Acquisition: Natural Tools & Strategies).

Mission Training International (MTI)
Located in Palmer Lake, Colorado, USA

MTI offers two courses in particular that will be of interest to potential or commended mission workers: SPLICE (Preparation for Entering a New Culture) and PILAT (Program In Language Acquisition Techniques).

Missionary Training Centre
Located in Durham, Ontario

The MTC provides training in a series of three 18-week semesters beginning in August of each calendar year. During MTC training you will be equipped as a cross-cultural church planter or for a role supporting church planting. Instructors are experienced missionaries who are passionate about teaching field-proven methods that are constantly updated to remain effective.