SEND: Extended Term

An extended term mission worker has a fixed period of time in which they will be serving – usually 6 months to 1 year. This is a lengthier commitment than a short term mission but is not intended to be an indefinite or a permanent relocation. extended term missions are almost always undertaken by those who have discerned God’s calling in their life and are responding to it. After all, the commitment required is much higher and can include learning a new language and culture, relocation, and of course the investment of a significant amount of time!

For church leaders, the process for sending an extended term worker is significantly more involved than that for sending someone short term. Due to the length of the term, communication flow is vital for properly providing spriritual support, being able to pray knowledgeably for specific concerns, and being able to rejoice together in what God is doing though the work! Financial support is not just required by the worker beforehand but throughout the course of the work. Living expenses are regular and recurring, and must be budgeted for. MSC can help you send your extended term worker by making connections with workers and local churches already at the destination, by providing our host of financial services, and through logistical and training support for both you and your worker. Continue reading to learn more about the process of sending an extended term worker, using the menu to the right.

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