SEND: Long Term

Long Term is the designation we use for those who are intending to relocate themselves indefinitely to the place where they will be working. Of course, given the commitment and the logistics involved in making this kind of transition, the process of sending this type of mission worker is the most involved of all.  Long Term missions are for those who are certain of God’s calling in their life for the sake of the Gospel and are responding to it. The commitment being made is profound – leaving behind friends and family and what is familiar for a new home and a new culture and often a new language. Those who invest their lives in long term missions often face the greatest challenges, but also have the privilege of witnessing God at work in the most incredible ways.

For church leaders, the process of sending a long term mission worker is no small task. One of your own people is voluntarily leaving their current life and lifestyle for something entirely different, for God’s glory. They are asking you to commit to supporting and encouraging them – providing spiritual support for decades, not just years. They will have spiritual, practical and training needs that those on shorter terms of mission work will not. Consequently the significant commitment they are making requires a significant commitment from you also. MSC can help you as you navigate the process of sending a long term mission worker – as you think through the finances, the logistics, training, communications, and commendation. Continue reading to learn more about the process of sending a long term mission worker, using the menu to the right.

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