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Bernd and Karin use personal contacts for evangelism. They nurture the small assembly in Graz, do family counselling, youth and teens work and have home Bible studies.

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Prayer Items

Public testimony (June 27, 2019)
In Maribor, Slovenia, five people from three differen...

‘Journey’ (February 14, 2019)
Preparations for two ‘Journey’ sessions are...

Self-centered mindset (September 27, 2018)
Two couples have asked to meet with us to discuss marriage. They are ...

Survey (May 31, 2018)
A survey of those aged 16 to 29 in Europe showed that ...

The Journey (March 22, 2018)
We are preparing another session of The Journey on April 6-8 and 20-22....

The Lord answered (September 6, 2017)
A young woman who studied here for a semester returned ...

‘Breaking Free’ (May 17, 2017)
Karin meets regularly with...

Leadership (February 8, 2017)
Bernd is often invited to preach at a church south of...

Translated into Slovene (December 21, 2016)
We will be finishing the Gospel of John in Slovenia before...

Starting a group (October 19, 2016)
There has been no response to the invitation to...

Karin’s dad with the Lord (July 6, 2016)
After a long, uncomfortable slide into...

Dad (June 30, 2016)
As of Friday, (Karin's) Dad has been in Scarborough Hospital...



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