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Bruce's main involvement in the Lord's work in Zambia is through Aviation and the support of missionary work.

He started what is now called Mission Flight Services in 1992. It is a Flight Service run by a committee of 5 assembly missionaries from Canada, USA and Britain who serve the Lord in various parts of Zambia. Bruce along with being the Director of the Flight Service is a pilot and flies missionaries, Zambians, Sakeji School students, medical patients and visitors throughout Zambia.

Mission Flight Services runs a full catering and self catering Guest Houses in Lusaka. While in Lusaka services are done for missionaries up country. He also does an outreach to the government offices and airport staff.

Marilyn is a support to the Flight Service in the following: bookings for the guest house in Lusaka. Hospitality is another ministry of Marilyn.

Bruce and Marilyn live in Lusaka and are part of the Great East Road Fellowship.

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