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In January of 2011, we moved from Pachuca, Hidalgo (near Mexico City) up to San Luís Río Colorado to begin a new gospel work on this northern border, the border with Arizona. After several months of nightly gospel meetings, visits, bible studies etc, we had witnessed God move in the lives of a number of folks, saving them and bringing them into His family. Now, some seven years later, we function together as a local church in this city, reaching out via various outreach programs, and also reaching out into the surrounding area. We also continue to move throughout various parts of Mexico helping in Bible Conferences and local churches as we are able, as well as ocasional commitments further north into the English Speaking world.

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Outside the walls (December 21, 2017)
Our gospel efforts include more activities outside the walls of ...



Harvey, Daniel and Joan


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Timothy -- 1995 Isaac -- 1997 Leah -- 1999 Mark -- 2001 Thomas -- 2004

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