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Georgia and her husband Achao Macad, have established and run a fully functioning maternity center called "Abundant Grace of God Maternity" in the remote province of Kalinga in the Philippines. This isolated area plagued with tribal wars is one of the most beautiful and untouched areas in the Philippines. Because of their isolation, the people living in this area have little to no access to medical care. Most of the pregnant women will deliver their babies at home on their own, without any prior prenatal care or attending doctor or midwife. Many of these women and babies die due to complications that would have been easily preventable with adequate care from a qualified midwife. Since 2007 The Abundant Grace of God Maternity Center has been reaching out in the communities in and around the capitol of the province of Kalinga. The maternity center has delivered over 2600 babies free of charge in the last seven years! In 2012 we opened a sister clinic in the mountains of Tinglayan. This clinic serves the remote Butbut villages.

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