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Kgotso and Lorraine are missionaries currently serving the Lord in South Africa, as well as establishing work in Lesotho. Lorraine is originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario where she studied Early Childhood Education, and Kgotso is from South Africa. He studied Bible and missions work at the 3 year college where the two of them met. They were married March 27, 2015 and have been involved in missions work together since that time. In South Africa they currently have 3 main pillars of their ministry. 1. Church - working very closely with the local church Kgotso grew up in which has also ordained him. They have a large variety of responsibilities they do for the church, often including running events, preaching and overseeing the Sunday school ministry. 2. Children - In the village they work with children through the church, schools and after school meet ups at the local soccer fields. They teach children the Word of God while also providing them a safe environment to come and play. 3. Evangelism - Roughly once a month Kgotso and Lorraine will run a week long tent crusade to preach the Gospel to a targeted neighbourhood. This often attracts large crowds and many people receive salvation. They also evangelise to the community through one on one work. Kgotso spends time building relationships with people and witnessing to them, especially to many of the young men who are struggling to leave their addiction to drugs.

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Mashongoane Ongoing Items (August 11, 2017)
The Mashongoanes have the following on-going prayer requests: -Wisdom and guidance -Consistent financial support -Safety as there is a lot of crimes and car accidents in the area...



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