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Since my return to Chile, I have been thankful to be available to seekers who come to the door, most recently a young woman who used to be in my Sunday school class and who, after a series of difficulties in her life, came to realize she needed to heed the message she heard over her growing years. She now says she is saved and is trying to reconcile with her husband and bring her children home once again. There have also been opportunities to have classes for the new mothers, something they requested shortly after my return. Other sisters have come to help me in this task. The desire of these young women is to be able to bring up their children with Christian values, that they may be able to reject those of the world around them. There are also opportunities to be of help to the believers of the local assemblies of the area. Another on-going task is that of looking through the files of scripture-related material that Dave collected over the years and trying to put them into the hands of others who can use them. It has been gratifying to see that a couple of workers in different places have asked for and will use in their radio work the programs Dave left in writing or recorded over the 50 years he carried on this work. Other Bible notes and studies will go to others who are interested, as time permits to send them off. During the holiday months of summer we held the usual week of classes for teens. I would like to expand this activity to other parts of the area and am looking for a community building for the outreach. I go with the Santa Maria assembly in their weekly open air preaching in two towns close to them and where some children have been gathering to receive gospel papers and quote the text they have learned. So far I have not found a place but think there must be some place to be found in these.

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