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In 2013 the work is with the youth of Chibuwe and surrounding villages. There is over 5000 lost young soul that have the thirst and want to get to know the Lord. We have started in January with a Youth Alpha Camp and 70 kids participate and are now involved in Alpha Club. This also includes a program called Auntie Stella which is the first remedy to the numerous concerns and the Alpha brings hope, love and a transformation of the heart. You can visit to learn more. Our goal is to develop sports and recreation so the kids will be involved in good activities and young farmers club will be reintroduce. Thanks to giving received via MSC, we have started showing Christian movies which is a significant way to get the children to gather. Adults are getting involved and soon there will be leadership training programs for teachers, pastors and community leaders. This will equip them with Alpha methods of spreading the Gospel.

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