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With the world at war in 1940, the Canadian government set up foreign exchange controls which prevented funds from being sent out of the country that might harm the Allied war effort. A committee was formed from local churches to act on behalf of local churches to apply for the permits and then forward funds directly to workers. The M.S.C. immediately began to function as a government-recognized organization for forwarding funds to local church commended mission workers. Recognized by Revenue Canada as a charity from the start, The M.S.C. was incorporated in 1959 and became a registered charity in 1967. Finally, it was legally renamed MSC Canada in 1993.

MSC Canada exists to engage and enable each generation to impact the world for Christ through Local Church Driven Missions while being Committed to God’s Supply.

Local Church Driven Missions is a biblical methodology and model for mission work. We earnestly believe that the best way for the Great Commission to be fulfilled is for local churches to send their own to the mission field. MSC exists to enable local churches to assess, prepare, commend, and support their own mission workers.

We are also wholeheartedly Committed to God’s Supply, and believe that those who are sent should go, believing that God will supply all of their needs through the faithfulness of His people. As an organization, we do the same.

STEP ONE: The commendation process begins with God calling workers to full-time service. He confirms His calling on the worker’s life through their Local Church.

STEP TWO: The Local Church is the sending agency and provides ministry-specific direction and spiritual oversight to the worker. All ministry the workers are engaged in is an extension of the sending local church’s ministry and outreach.

STEP THREE: MSC serves and supports both the sending Local Church and the worker with missions-specific expertise. We provide the legal & logistical means of serving workers outside Canada.

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